Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yoo-hoo Sugarfoots Maraboo's Got News for You!!

Oooh, Sugarfoots!!!

Some cool stuff coming your way soon...very soon..stay tune(d).

Just putting on the finishing dogs are tired...I mean my feet are killing me -- okay, maybe I didn't have to wear the heels constantly... but I really believe that I'm taller than everyone and wearing heels just makes it that much easier to feel it.... but, let me tell you about the last couple days ... I went to the Malibu Inn to catch the Paul Green School of Rock Music West Coast All Stars on their inaugural between 10 to 17 playing Zappa, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Yes, Duran Duran...and everything else that rocks and they were awesomely entertaining musicians ...this was not your grandmother's recital... these kids really mean it and at the same time are having a blast and feeling good at something... and then I saw them again at Cafe-Club Fais Do Do...yes, I was rockin' out...I'm a rock feels good to admit that now...clear the air and all...but youch! my feet are killing me...(oh, but in my salad days...many a cut up rug, night after night with the non-stop electronic hypno-trance, afro, rave, acid house...whoa...the colors are returning...the lights and gigantic Misss Marla in her platinum wig hosting the party... hey, I wonder if I still have any of those light sticks?????)

Whoa...sorry about that Sugarfoots, thought I saw something for a moment... anywho (yes, that's right -- take that!!! I said anywho...because I love to say it, I want to say anywho for the rest of my life -- so there! and I will continue to use anywho and YOU CAN"T STOP ME!!!)

So anyway...

I could go on and on, but the coming (soon now, really) videos will speak for themselves...I'd love to hear your comments on the videos (ahem, but not on the picture was sooo dark and clubby and cool)... and... hmmm, ya know, if you feel like it Sugarfoots, send me your deep contemplations of the inner meanings and nuances of what these young Ambassadors of Rock, from the soul, the essence of Rock -- what do they represent, what does it all mean to the future of humanity, what does it say about you and me, man... like who are we'd we get in here... is that hummus? Got anything, um, with some flavor?

So...send me your thoughts (500 words or less) and if you have the coolest comments (yeah baby, a "cool" contest... finally, the Most Coolest Commentor will be it you, are you that cool to be like, the coolest????

And...I'll send you a SWAGGY prize...

Stay tuned for awesome music vids...



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