Monday, April 18, 2005

Howdy Sugarfoots!

This week:

The Marvels

I'm meeting all these people and going to all these marvelous places.

I have to share these wonderful things with someone, (anyone's fine about you?) who can enjoy it with me, you know how I hate to travel alone...

And you can tell your neighbor about it at a party and then everyone on your street will talk about it and ask you questions and from then on when I come to visit you can say "Yoo-hoo, Maraboo!" and everyone on the street that day (in front of the public library, where they are want to gather) will whisper "that's the chick that Jeff Goldblum put his arm around in a hotel room." (And yes, it's true, but it was just for a picture. I'm a good girl :) But they don't know that, given the salacious stories you told them about me... and then you'll turn around and shush them. Then I'll "yoo-hoo" back to you.

Anyway, if anyone like that is out there, this is 'pour toi mes amies.' Now, back to

The Marvels

Marvel 1. Martin Short
Ahh, the sparkle and the creme brulee. He looked at me and I was suddenly In the room. Valid in my existence. Valid in my chair. Valid on the planet. Valid to be born...I mean, you know, (swinging my arms awkwardly, and kicking little pebbles with my sandal until one gets stuck and I have to take my shoe off to get it out)... he was cool.

Marvel 2. Michael Vartan
Hmmmm, yummmmm....not to mention the inspiration! He said that an acting teacher once told him "Nobody can act like you can. Good or bad, no one else can act like you." It was like an epiphany! In so far as it was the kind of thing I've heard before, but somehow coming out of his mouth...hahahahahahahahahaha
ahahahahahahahahahahahaha..did I just say???
hahahahahahahahahah...*cough* *sputter* ((Gawd I've gotta quit smoking))
I mean the way he put it really clicked with me. It was something I could apply to almost anything, even me. Oh no, I'm not an actor , but maybe there's something no one else can do like I do...hmmm, I wonder what that is???
And he's got the bluest eyes..

Marvel 3. John Stamos
Wowza! He's so pretty...aww!

Marvel 4. Jennifer Lopez
J. Lo, The Fly-girl, The Diva, La Lopez...hey, I thought she was cool. Honestly. She's like an ephemeral princess in a stained glass castle.

Marvel 5. Angelina Jolie
SHE"S SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I think she's a good girl with bad girl looks. I dig her.

Marvel 6. David Spade
He's sexy 'cause he seems to have a layer of nasty, you know what I mean, like he's got some deliciously devious delightful tricks up his...teeheehee, I was being naughty... um, I'm back now...okay, I'm leaving.

That's it for this week. Join me next Monday for some more Hollywood Marvels from Maraboo Slipperz.. or maybe I'll mix it up with some TERRORS!!!!! *scream*

'Til then, Bye-Bye Sugarfoot!
And remember, I'll make some chicken panang, if you'll turn on some music ... something jazzy...wouldn't that be nice? And for gosh sake, put some shorts on, it's almost summer!

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Jozeph Picasso said...

Please, Marvelous Maraboo, give us more. Much much more. How cool to be on the inside looking out from a world only so few are lucky enough no doubt to interview.