Monday, April 25, 2005

Welcome back Sugarfoots!

Ooh what a week it was! My poor baby, Booski Biggles, got sick. He wouldn't eat anything, not even his favorite gourmet goodies. I was beside myself with dread. I took him to the vet. He xrayed him, checked his blood, stuck a thermometer in his nether regions. Poor Booski Biggles bravely grimaced thru the entire experience. Then the doc declared that he had gas, much to the embarrassment of a red-faced Booski Biggles. Meanwhile I was handed a bill for $600!!! Reaching into my pocketbook made me think of the unfathomable Famke Janssen and her little moochface, Licorice, a not completely un-charming animal who unfortunately, especially for those who find themselves in small closed spaces with aforementioned little cutie, happens to always have gas. I've never been sure if this was a persistent problem or just a way of showing contempt. Of course, Famke can certainly afford to fix the little pooter's patoot! Lord, I wish she would.

Anyway, I digress...

This week:

More Marvels!!!! I know I threatened you with terrors...But I didn't really mean it...yet! This week I invite you to travel with me into the deepest recesses of Maraboo's Vault of Marvels. There's all kinds of goodies in there, movies and music and TV shows and fun little baubles too. C'mon, don't you wanna take a peek? I know you do. I can tell by the twinkle in your eye. Let's go Sugarfoots!!!!

Marvelous Movie: "Crash"
This is the first movie I've seen this year, so far, that struck a nerve. It fosters a dialogue about ourselves and how we stereotype those around us. Are we who we really think we are? Hmmm... I'll admit there have been times when I have found myself muttering mild epithets at complete strangers, often while I'm in traffic. Don't we all? Don't we all have little moments where we slip and lose our protective layer of political-correctness and let loose that petulant brat inside ourselves. You know what I mean, don't you? I call my petulant brat can call her Babs. Anyway, every once in awhile Babs gets out and does some damage, then faster than you can say"I didn't mean it!", Babs disappears and leaves me guiltily holding the bag. The question is, do we take responsibility for our actions and the way they impact others? Or, do we try to find an excuse for it instead or declare that at least we're not as bad as...(fill in the blank). In any case, I thought this was the first marvelous movie of 2005. Plus, it's always nice to see a thought-provoking film and add in delicious dreamboats like Matt Dillon, Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle. Yummm. Now, thatsalada bundt cake!! Wait for'll be out in like May...or something. Don't forget to see it. Then we can talk about all sorts of things...but only if you like it...otherwise you'll bum me out.

Marvelous DVD: "A Face In the Crowd"
Andy Griffith can do anythin...well, at least he can still whistle, and boy howdy! He can act! I loved Andy playing Andy on the Andy Griffith Show, and Matlock on Matlock, but Andy playing Lonesome Rhodes in this Elia Kazan (yeah, him) produced, Budd Schulberg directed classic masterpiece/social commentary/examination of the nature of mankind/study of human motivation….*pant* *pant* you gotta watch it. It comes out like, May or something.

Marvelous TV show: "House"
Oooh-ahhhh that Hugh Laurie! He's so cynical and sexy. You just want to slap him first and frisk him later!!!! It's a terrific show and dreamy Jesse Spencer doesn't harm the eyeballs none either!!! And the cases are very interesting, crazy, wild!!!! Wild, I tell you….just check it out..think it's on Fox...maybe Tuesdays.

Well that's it for this week,
What??? Did you think I'd give away all my baubles...gotta pace myself...don't want to peak too soon

oh that's it... that's nice...¦did you put the duck in the oven? Don't make it too saucy... you know I'm saucy enough!

Catch you later, Sugarfoots!!