Sunday, January 27, 2008

Maraboo Slipperz Puts Music To Use and You Should Too Sugarfoot! Campaign 2008

Hey Sugarfoots --

I'm tired of just complaining about the lack of music and art education in the USA...
I want to do something about it too!!

And we should try in big ways and small -- sort of like recycling your garbage to save the planet...

So let me introduce you to...(drumroll)

Maraboo Slipperz Puts Music To Use and You Should Too Sugarfoot! Campaign 2008

Here's what I'm doing to kick it off today -- I'm using music to help me do my housework and believe it or not, it's fun... and this is just one example of the multitude of ways music can be used -- and if it's useful, it's valuable...and if it's valuable, then people want it...and if people want it, then The System wants it and voila! Sounds of music fill the hallways of our learning institutions, and then our children have a new line of communication, a new freedom of expression, a new channel for emotions, a new way to share their thoughts and feelings with the world around them, an outlet, a contribution, a talent, a rich experience above our earthly interactions of tests and books and sports and ecomonics...

Sorry, I's my first contribution to the campaign and how it happened:

As I sat here sipping my morning brew and listening to the soggy sounds of the new day, I listened to my 70's music player (if you scroll down this page, you'll see it on the right -- it's a widget -- the long rectangle thingy "70's Music Search" and if you scroll down inside the little window, you'll see the player)... but you can do this with wherever you keep your music (geez, remember when it was just records and cassettes...)

And Car Wash just came on and all of sudden, I felt an inexplicable urge to polish my precious paperweight collection...oh how I love my paperweight collection, maybe I'll post some photos sometimes to show you

And then, George Benson's On Broadway started playing and I felt like vacuuming! Oh, you have no idea how long it's been since I felt like vacuuming! Ah, the immediate rush of the motor, the sheer surge of power you feel as you make an entire stratosphere of dust disappear...mmmm

Anywho -- that's what I'm going to do -- put music to use to show its value...

Why don't you do it too?

Write me and tell me your favorite way to put music to use and I'll post them -- Spark the Revolution Sugarfoots! Together we can save music...

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