Saturday, September 08, 2007


I am not that outraged by Wellsgate, sadly…I was not even that surprised by it. It seems to me it just confirms in a very small slight teensy weensy way that Hollywood is just one more example of corruption in one of our industries and in our society at large… we gasped at Enron… we were shocked by the election… we were horrified at Abu Grahib… and we’re paralyzed by the wars and afraid of terrorism and on some level each other…each time we’re surprised to find out that our politicians are corrupt… that corporate America is corrupt... and that our military reflects all this because it is a microcosm of our society whether society believes it or not... and when we’re at odds with each other over support of the war vs. support our troops vs. impeach Bush… Red states, Blue states, Flyover Country vs. La-la-Land… it’s a conflict of the soul of America.. We the People – hey, we’re the ones in control, right…isn’t that what it says?

If you don’t like your representatives, don’t vote them into office… if your boss is a crook, blow the whistle for all of us…and if you don’t like Wells or Finke, then don’t read them… but I’m going to continue reading them as long as they both shall write… if nothing else at all, they are both very interesting columnists to read…two very different styles and voices and insights and interests…in this day and age of pull-quote journalism…it’s refreshing to read columns that have something to say.

But, it’s curious to me that in such close proximity of time Wells’ deep desire for nude photos of women is revealed in a published “private” email and 18 year old Vanessa Hudgens’ “private” nude photo is published on the web – it’s so “High School”..but not so "Musical"… Hey, I wonder if Wells’ knows he can get nude photos of women without having to sacrifice his dignity and call his reputation into question? Hmmmm….

I think the best thing would be if he wrote his column from a nice beach (where everyone’s nude) in Spain…ahhh, the Costa Brava…I fondly remember spending a wild week in a tiny tourist town called Loret del Mar…nude beaches..long happy hours…spicy paella and dancing to collapse…that would be perfect for Wells…sit on the beach, gawk at the naked women and write about whether they turn him on or not…judge them, rate them… tell them which ones got it up for him and which ones are just wastes of oxygen uselessly roaming the earth… because after all women exist on this planet to be judged by him and to oh-dear-lord-it’s-the-most-important-thing-in-their-lives pass muster with him… after all, he is a critic

And as for the Vanessa Hudgens scandal…my philosophy has always been…if you’re going to take a nude photo under any circumstances, make sure it’s one that you are actually going to want to look at when you’re 60…find your inner Godiva

Hey Sugarfoots, let’s plan a fundraiser to send Jeffrey and Vanessa to a nude beach in Spain for a week, they deserve it, they've been through a lot… the opposite of rehab – total immersion training – where she can roam free and naked and maybe he needs to get naked to get over his obsession with nudity and to just be able to accept it for what it is …

But both incidents are prime examples of the American quandary over nudity… we complain about censorship and call it puritanical --- but as soon as a woman takes her clothes off – everyone stops and points and giggles or jacks off – if you want nudity more integrated into the society, then Jesus-Maria-Paul-and-Ringo Grow Up People!

Wells and Hudgens reflect both sides of the coin – she wants to be nude and he wants to stop the presses and stare…but c’mon Sugarfoots, we all do it in whatever peculiar way…don’t we…please tell me it’s not just me…

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